HipTips: a better way to tip

80% of people prefer digital payment compared to cash. HipTips modernizes hotel tipping by making it digital. Guests can quickly reward hotel team members digitally using their phone.


With the simple scan of a QR code, guests can leave tips for

a single or multiple employees
a department
all staff

It’s a Win-Win

HipTips benefits the guest, employees, the property, and the employer.

Retain and Attract More Employees with More Tips

Making digital tipping easier means more tips more often. Employees are happier and don’t come knocking at your door for a raise.

Increase Productivity and Lower your Labor Costs

Studies show that happy employees are 13% more productive and it is no secret that higher productivity equates to lower labor costs.

Improve Guest Satisfaction Scores

More tips incentivize all employees to work harder. This improves service, cleanliness, and maintenance upkeep of the property.

Empower All Employees

Unlike before, employees in all departments will be recognized and see increased tips.

Tips to the Right People

Employees will no longer complain about tips being stolen by other employees. HipTips ensures tips are directed to the people that earned them.

With the Times

Digital tipping is current with the times. Every other industry already tips with a phone or network connected device.

Keep it Guest Simple

Guests love the convenience and ability to give a quick thank you for a job well done. Empower guests with a seamless experience to easily reward the staff members who make their stay incredible.

Earn More with Digital Tipping

People tip higher amounts when digital versus cash because letting go of a physical bill weighs heavier on the mind than a digital transaction.

Make the Change

Change is good. A change to HipTips is “especially” good.

See more benefits

User-friendly Admin interface

The HT Corporate admin provides quick and easy functionality. Administrators can print reports to see tipped amounts or add and edit employees.


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We’ll take you step by step through the set up process and remove the worries that sometimes come with a new service.


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